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week 3 - Friday weigh in-and doing ok

so after my re- start in April - I have looked at things with new resolve. Basically that has involved looking long and hard at what and how I eat. As well as the exercise in the equation. The conclusion I have come to is I really don't want to be the weight or size I am - I am also very keen to feel and be healthier. So I have taken up running- and had a long hard look at my diet. Which to be honest is basically healthy - just too much of it. So major discipline in the week and attempts to reign in the blow out weekends.. Which by and large seem to be working - slowly. so I have managed to shave off a pound and half since last week. Making my total loss from 8 April - 4 pounds - not huge but still more than I have done before.

I have set myself a very clear goal of at least a pound of each week - and I am treating it like a campaign (not life I know - and it is only dieting - but still...). so I will enjoy the weekend within reason - cut back as much as I can so I can enjoy sun dins - big run tomorrow morning. And then back on track monday morning.....

Happy weight loss everyone.XX

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Sounds like a great plan you have there, we are all human and need our treats from time to time. I'm going for a long walk tomorrow followed by a not too slimline lunch but not going mad. My problem is I want to lose my 3st by next week, (I wonder what a leg weighs lol) seriously though we just need to get our sensible heads on, picture how we will look and feel when we are at a decent weight and not beat ourselves up if we have a bad day.

Happy weight loss to you too xx


Hi suzybenj,

Well done!

AS for "portion control" - I was the world's worse for just pouring it out of the pack, but now I weight it all - pasta, rice, muesli, oats, etc.

And it's now half a can of beans, pop a plastic lid on and stick it in the fridge.

I've got so used to it now, I can really believe what I used to do!

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


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