Rachyroo says hi to everyone!!

just starting out on my journey to lose weight again after having had a knee op that revealed lots of severe arthritis. I need to lose 20kg. The weight has crept up over the years and now I am suffering health wise because of it. So today is my first day to eat smaller portions of healthy food and exercise the best I can , I was only operated on yesterday, so early days yet!!! would appreciate any tips and encouragement. Well done to all of you that are losing weight and getting fit!!


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19 Replies

  • Hi Rachyroo

    I'm just starting out too (on Monday!). I like to think a positive step in the right direction. Take care of yourself after your op, look forward to sharing my progress with you.


  • Hi Mahoosive, would be great to share our progress together, good luck for Monday. Every journey starts with one small step, so lets step out together and lose the weight we really don't need to be carrying with us on our journey!!

  • Hi Mahoosive,

    well today is the day, not sure what to have for breakfast yet, but know it mustn't exceed 280kcal. How are you feeling about starting your journey today? good luck stay in touch and we can help each other along the way x

  • Hi Mahoosive,

    how you doing, not a good day for me yesterday. I started off with good intentions but messed up along the way. Today WILL be different..... I hope x

  • Hi Rachyroo,

    If you've not already done so, then find the NHS live well lose weight pages. It has lots of good free advice, a BMI calculator and a free 12 week plan.

    You seem to have already set yourself a goal to achieve. At 1 to 2 lbs a week, you're looking at about 5 to 6 months.

    There's also plenty of good advice on these blogs from people, mainly from people who are actually on their own weight loss journeys..

    Time then for you just to get on the weight loss bus.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

  • Hi Doikosp,

    thanks for your comments. I have just downloaded the first two weeks of the 12 week plan. I just want to find a list of all the foods and the calories, so that I can keep within my daily limit. They suggest that females stick to 1400cals a day, although ideally I think I should have a lower amount than that!! I am so impatient the thought of waiting 5-6 months to see any difference seems daunting, yet I know that to lose weight sensibly and keep it off, it will take about that long!!

  • Hi Rachyroo,


    Fast weight loss is NOT a good idea. In fact, the 'lost' weight nearly always ends up being regained within the following months and or years.

    The name of the game is to change the habits. It's about re-training yourself to eat properly and to have a better way in respect of exercise/activity and, at the same time, to lose the excess weight.

    Fast weight loss can be quite harmful, especially if done too fast and for too long. Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs), for example, should only be done under medical supervision.

    Taking control of your weight is not about starving yourself, but it is about ensuring that despite eating less in quantity, you are getting the full range of nutrients.

    1400 kcals, if you're currently 20 kgs overweight, is going to give you a very adequate calorie deficit against the amount of calories your body requires to maintain your current body mass.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

  • Thanks Doikosp,

    please can you tell me what link I can use to find out how many calories the food I eat has. I am not sure how to calculate exactly what I am eating, for example breakfast yesterday was one boiled egg, one piece of wholemeal toast and an orange. According to the 1400kcals, breakfast should be 280kcals, but I just don't know if it was more or less!!! thanks for your advice and support, greatly appreciated!!

  • egg about 84 kcal, orange 62 kcal and toast inc spread 110 or so depending on the make. I use this site weightlossresources.co.uk/c... hope it helps :) x

  • hi Thanks for the information.I will use the site you recommended. Hope you are doing OK. I am going to start again today had a bit of a strange weekend. One minute doing really well then ruining it the next. New week, new day new start!!! so here goes Monday 29th!!

  • lost 5lbs this week that's 12lbs in 2 weeks counting everything staying on the 1400 kcal and a little bit walking am going to up my exercise this week. Just take one day at a time. I make a pot of soup on a Monday and freeze in portions so I have veg soup to hand for my lunch most days its quick and easy and healthy. Good luck today xxx

  • Well done for losing 5lbs this week and 12lbs so far!! what do you have for breakfast and do you eat snacks?. Hope I can do as well as you, keep up the good work!!! Great idea about the soup, think I might make one myself today thanks xxx

  • I usually have rice crispies or a boiled egg and slice of toast. I haven t been having snacks but was feeling rather bloated this week someone recommended smaller meal portions and more snacks in between. I have still managed to have a packet of wotsits or a milky way most days as a treat as long as u count it in. I have also started a big project painting my house to give me something to do when kids are in bed to take my mind of food and sitting in front of the tv. Maybe you can do something similar even if it means cleaning out cupboards, sorting paperwork anything to take your mind off food.

  • oh and I ve swapped bread for Cracker breads 19 kcal taste lovely with a little paste or cheese spread on them x

  • hi missworld, thank you for sharing what you eat. I think one of my problems is portion size. I am never very sure just how much to have and I find counting calories difficult. Not sure whether to go on resources and sign up for £6.95 a month do you do that? Please let me know how you stick to the correct portion size and count your calories. Thanks for the tips, I really must do something constructive with my evenings its so easy to just sit around and watch television isn't it !!! xx

  • I use scales to measure everything time consuming but then you know how much your portions should be it gets easier. I don t pay money for anything there are free apps you can down load for your phone but am in the house and usually have a pc or tablet to hand to check online. I ve also invested in a smaller plate and try to eat for tea for example chicken breast and salad ( lots of it) chicken breast and veg usually 3 types. Fill your plate up with your five a day and save some kcals for sauce ie pepper sauce to make it taste nice. Yeah last night I painted all night and never reached for a snack once just drinks cause it was thirsty work. I did a test with my husband to put on a plate the amount of dry pasta we used to eat for tea, then we weighed the correct amount for that nights meal, we were eating probably 3 times the amount we should have that's without the Bolognese piled on top which was probably the same! Have a good day am off for a walk the sun is shining :)

  • Do you have special digital scales for portion measuring or just normal ones? You sound very busy with all that painting!! thanks for your tips, I went for a walk this evening,it is suppose to be warmer tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  • Hi Everyone!!! well not had a good couple of weeks. Not been able to lose any weight and in fact I have some more on!!! I can't exercise like I was before due to a painful knee operation and I have gone into a very depressive mood and eaten all the wrong stuff. I have decided to my my goals smaller, but hopefully more attainable. I hope to lose some weight by the end of May. Not entirely sure how to do this, but will start my 12 weeks all over again!!! I hate looking and feeling like this, I just want to hide away!!!!

  • Rachyroo I empathise completely. I piled on my 15 kg after I broke my foot and gave up walking completely for 4 months. My best advice is to start with small attainable targets - something you know you will succeed at and take it week by week. If you look at losing 20 kg as your goal you may never reach it. Break it down into smaller portions with a visualisation of what you will look/feel like when you reach that goal. For example it could be: "By next Friday I will have reduced my biscuit-eating to 2 per day" or "By the end of October I will be able to fasten my jeans" but obviously something that resonates with you. For exercise, I use a Fitbit and steadily increased my steps target (still not back up to pre-accident target but getting there slowly). If you have a smartphone and carry it everywhere you don't even need another device as it will count them for you.

    Best wishes for your good health from here on in.

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