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Can you give advice - got polycystic ovaries, stopped smoking and can't lose weight

I've been healthy eating and going 2 gym for 3 months (3-5 times wk)and feel better for it. I am getting frustrated at all the effort I'm putting in with not much result? I have polycystic ovary syndrome and stopped smoking 9 weeks ago. I lst 3lbs last week and that's it in 3 months!! I've lost an inch of my waist but still same dress size. I am led to believe having pco and having stopped smoking is working against me losing weight?? Is there anything else I can do to speed it up. Trying to stay positive.

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Hi Blackl,

My view is that whilst your exercise/activity regime may be fine and perhaps even your diet is, as the processes of storing or losing fat, like many other functions of the human body are controlled by hormones and you have an endocrinal disorder, you would be well advised to get specific advice relating to your condition from your GP or nurse.

The point being that your PCOS and your weight loss efforts may impinge upon each other and there may be particular nurtritional advice relating to your condition (e.g. to eat or not eat specific things) which might impinge upon your condition.

There very probably ARE excellent ways of solving your solution, but it probably is best to be certain you're doing the right thing for you before launching on a weight loss regime.

Also, be careful of "speeding up" weight loss - there are a whole number of reasons why fast weight loss is not good for you An average weight loss of about 1 to 2 lbs a week is just fine.

Good luck with it.



I have PCOS and i'm starting my weight loss journey (again!) from tomorrow. After doing lots of reading up on PCOS, a low GI-diet is probably the best one to follow for PCOS.

Good Luck.


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