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Still little to no change, but powering through!

Still little to no change, but powering through!

Weighed in on Monday with only a 100g difference from the previous Monday (despite the sneak peak midway through the week showing a decrease of 1kg!). I'm wondering if maybe I should get back into weighing myself daily. It's what I was doing at the start, and I don't think it was detrimental, though when I really hit the plateau it was getting disheartening.

I've kept up with my 5k training app, which has been good fun, actually. I'm just finishing week 2 of it today, but on Monday I had a bit of a spill when I actually tripped over my very large dog while jogging. It was an epic fall and it really could've gone horribly wrong, but as it was I've just been left a bit bruised and scraped. I'm going back out today after work, though, and my fiance is going to get out with me this weekend.

Feeling good!

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Hi EeChristmas,

Your scraped leg looks quite sore - hope it recovers soon. Hope your evening run goes ok - you sound well motivated, which is great, and I'm sure you'll reap reasults again soon.

I usually weigh myself daily, and find that quite helpful.

Good luck with this week.



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