Chest pains ans palapatations

Hi there, I am new to this... I have been having palpitations for a while now. I have been the doctors and had a 24 hour tape on. The results came back and I have been referred to the hospital. While waiting for the appointment I have been waking up with a heavy tight chest. One night I was lying on the sofa and got a awful pain in the left side of my chest I describe it as a tight spasm. I was unable to move while having the pain but it only lasted 3-4 mins. I am a smoker but really cut down and think today's going to be my quit day. Oh I am a 36 year old female.

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  • I think if it had been serious the hospital would have called you in immediately. Just try to stay calm until your appointment.

  • I'm trying thanks, appointment is on Friday... Fingers crossed 😃

  • U should push your gp to get an earlier appointment after all it's your health the longer u leave it the worse it may become and u should stop smoking ASAP I was a smoker on 40 a day I got some bad news about my heart and ended up having a quadrupple bypass but the minute I was told I stopped smoking there and then and have never looked back.

  • I know Pedro, I have not had a cig for three days now... And intend to keep it that way... Hospital on Friday, fingers crossed... I'm also a stress head which won't help haha.. Thanks for your reply... I do hope your ok?? And sorry you had to go though that... 😃

  • Thank you and hope all is well with your hospital appointment.reg pedro

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