Help with my symptom's

Hello all. I have been experiencing heart symptom's for the last 3 months and slowy getting worse. I am waiting to see heart doctor . I have had a heart scan ,24 ecg and 24 hour blood check but still don't know the results.

My Symptoms started in June when I was going dizzy and feelin sick a lot and getting tingles up and down my left side. I have nearly passed out a few times and each time I do my throat goes tight. My scan did show a leaking valve and a mumur which could mean a hole in the heart and my heart is to mobile but still don't have the full details of my scan. I have been fit and healthy up to this point and now I'm at the point where I can not do anything without feeling very tired and pains down the middle of my chest.

Below is a list of symptoms I have. please can anyone give me any advice to what could be wrong with me please.


Feeling dizzy/sick

Heart pounding and fluttering

pins and needles down left/right arm/left leg and face and waist.

Pain and ache in my left side of my chest and pain down middle of chest.

Not swallowing properly and not feeling as hungry.

And my left shoulder and the surrounding area feels very sore like I have been working out and aches a lot after doing anything. I also get pains behind my ears as well and a red line across my eyes after getting up from bending down.

Any ideas will be very much welcomed .

Many thanks


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  • If you have not seen by your GP to give you the results and full explanation, the time has come for you to go to &e VIA 999 CALL.

    Please explain your test results for all the three tests, Heart scan, 24-hour ECG and 24 hour blood check, "Is it blood pressure monitoring for 24-hours?". .

  • Hi thanks for reply. I have been to hospital twice just to sent home because my vitals are ok. I keep having funny turn as well feeling really tired and like I have been running for 20 miles non stop. Yes It was a 24hr blood monitoring test. My doctor doesn't understand the results lol. Any ideas to what it might be. I feel as each week goes by I get worse .