discomfort in chest

Ive been experiencing tightness and discomfort in my chest, very central (maybe the solar plexus) irregular heartbeat leading to nausea often....seems to be made worse after drinking which im trying to cut out now and when im tired, i have a bad sleeping pattern often getting little over 4 hours and working long days. Any advice very welcome, many thanks :)

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  • The best thing would be to visit your doctor and get your symptoms checked, cut down stimulates like coffee and alcohol would be advisable if your experiencing I regular heart beat or palpitations.....

    Visit your doctor for a examination and best advice....best wishes..

  • Sounds like a quick visit to your GP is essential.

    To my untrained eye it sound like you may have heart issues and possible restricted arteries etc. Just the sort of things I had.

    Alcohol does not help and I cut down even more since I had my ICD fitted.

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