NHS Health Check take up rate fallen again

Every three months the NHS Health Check data published by NHS England shows a fall in the take up rate. It is half less than than target rate and no longer meets the statutory demands to improve year on year. This is a disaster as the spending for this service has been taken from tax-payers and redirected from other health services. The case for Health Checks every 5 yeas was only marginally acceptable based on high take up rates from 70%. The current take up rate has fallen to 45% and in some areas it is a lot less than this. The NHS already screens opportunistically and also when you register at a GP. Sometimes the GP new patient check takes place in the same month as the NHS health check. What a waste of money and resource. Patients do not value this service because it is too basic and poorly delivered often by non-medical people. Patients are voting with their feet. It is time the NHS looks again at the money it is wasting.

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  • There has been many articles saying it is a waste of time. HCA do not know their job function and unable to answers basic questions!!!

    It has been a waste of time like many NHS projects. Who want to listen?

    What is data? if you are the unlucky one in the end, what does it matter?

    GP's do need to offer healthy living advice rather then writing medication.

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