Severe pain in chest, adviceplease

Hi, I'm 20 years old, I weigh 11 stone, I'm 6'3 and I have type 1 diabetes which I have had for 3 years.

The problem I'm having is in literally the centre of my chest where my ribs join. What I mean by this is when I'm led or sat down and I press softly/gently in this area I get severe pains, a massive shock through my body , sometimes I struggle to breathe and sometimes my chest can feel tight and painful.

I'm unsure how long I've been experiencing this but it ranges from around 2 weeks - 2 months.

I have tried to get an appointment with my GP but nothing available until next week. I am just posting this for peace of mind as I worry a lot and I want to know if it's anything to worry about?


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  • Hi Corey.

    Welcome to our site.

    That's no joy with your GP.

    Can't you get an emergency appointment ???

    Do you have a NHS Walk in Center near by ????

    Don't worry !!!!


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