Recurring chest pain. Worry or not?

New to this, but thought I'd give it a go!

I had my son 12 weeks ago. Roughly 3 weeks later I started experiencing pain on the left side of my chest. It's an achey pain but sometimes becomes quite an intense pain. It is accompanied by my left arm going either weak to the point where I struggle to clench my fist, tingling, pins and needles or my arm feeling almost too heavy to lift. I also get a sharp pain in my wrist and shoulder too. Tonight I experienced the pain and I was shorter of breath than usual, felt like I was going to be sick and had a cokd sweat. I get this pain everyday now. It can sometimes last for up to an hour and I sometimes get it a few times a day. I am now 24, and had slightly high cholesterol at 16 (awful I know). Wondering wether to seek medical advice or not? Hate wasting doctors time so I've been putting it off, but as it just isn't going I'm starting to worry slightly! Any advice greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Go to A and E now. You have symptoms of something and it needs checking. If it isn't serious then all well and good

  • Do you have some one to look after your baby?

    Please dial 999 and let the paramedic check and make a decision to you to A&E.

  • Thank you both for replying. I also have another daughter, and my husband is off work today but back in tomorrow.

    I managed to get to sleep after the pain went last night and I am fine this morning. It just appears randomly at different times during the day. If I went to A+E when I had the pain, chances are that the pain would have already gone by the time I got there so they wouldn't be able to do much with me.

    Do you have any ideas what it sounds like at all? Do you think a doctor would be a good option and maybe get it checked there first? Thanks again!

  • It doesn't matter if the pain has gone it is better to get it checked out

  • It still needs urgent investigation, whatever it is. I would go and see the out of hours GP if you are unwilling to go to A and E. Or at least get an urgent appointment to see your GP on Monday. Please do this, it will put your mind at rest.

  • I went to the doctor with a cough, ended up having an ecg I have been told I have an abnormal heart beat but it's not too serious have to go now to have an know an ECO so yes get it checked out I had no symptons

  • Hi Unknown16

    If A & E can't find a problem, you could try a Chiropractor to check your upper spine, where the nerves, supplying the heart and left arm, come out.

    Maybe a nerve coming from the spine is squashed, causing the weakness & pins and needles.

    I get chest and left arm pain, GP/A & E can't find anything, and I'm going to see a chiro tomorrow to make sure my nerve signals are getting through.

    I got my husband to press to the left side of my spine about the heart level and it is tender there.

    Chest pain is a worry; I hope you find your cause.

  • When you next get the pain, call for an Ambulance. If you went to A&E, there is a long waiting time therefore by calling the Ambulance, the paramedic can analyse with in minutes and take a correct action as you are with a baby.!!!!

    You need to take action rather than putting too many "IFs",

    What about your food intake? any changes? you can keep a record of your food intake to check and alanyse?

  • Please get this checked out, I suffer with the same problem, they finally diagnosed me with micro vascular angina, still have to offer to hospital when the pain is really bad, ecg, blood tests all come back clear, utility because it is the tiny arteries around the heart, they cannot do anything, because they cannot be stented, the only thing that eases the pin is morphine, so please get the ambulance

  • Thank you everybody for replying! So, I had a doctors appointment last week. He checked my BP and listened to my heart - both normal. He then put it down to either indigestion or muscle pain and reffered me to a physiotherapist. I saw him last week too. When I explained my symptoms to him he was pulling faces, almost like he thought that physio wasn't going to help. Anyway, he made me lie down and pressed all down my spine, which is very stiff, and put the pain down to a bad back with the pain radiating through to my chest. Although when I showed him where the chest pain is (slightly up and to the right of left breast) he looked baffled. He then told me I was too weak and that I don't have enough muscle to support my spine well enough so my spine is over compensating for all the work. He said I need to join the gym and do pilates to build strength. I do suffer from sciatica and a slightly bad back. I'm a dom carer and have had 2 babies in 2 years, I think it's enevitable. They didnt really look into the arm pain and couldnt understand why the pain had got to the stage where I was getting it every hour atleast for 10 mins or so. Funnily enough though it's died down a lot the last 3 or 4 days. Ive probably only had it once a day or so. So I am baffled. Does anyone agree that it may be a spine/muscle issue? I personally dont see how that would cause random short bursts of pain in chest, shoulder, neck and lower left rib and different sensations in the left arm. Anymore advice would be greatly appreciated!

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