Worried about symptoms

Now I don't want to be dramatic I just want to say how I'm feeling and what you think I should do. I have made an appointment with the Doctor for next Monday. The last week or so I have been feeling that I'm getting a bit breathless. Sometimes having to take a deep breath to get some air into me. I've also experienced some tightness across my chest and some discomfort in my neck, jaw and arms. I am overweight and am 45yrs. I had a baby two years ago and suffered pre-eclampsia for which I was treated for severe high blood pressure. I have not taken any heart medication before or since that time. I am not on any other medication nor have I ever had any other underlying conditions. I think I'm worried that it could be serious or could just be recurring high blood pressure.

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  • Take it easy, Next Monday may be a long time to wait to see your doctor. You need to consider going to A&E so that few tests can be carried out to check your medical condition.

    Please do not wait dial 999 and let the paramedic to make the decision.

  • Thank you. After taking blood pressure I saw dr last night. He did a few checks and has put me on BP meds. Also have ECG and blood tests booked.

  • There is electro cardio gram and echo cardio gram. Electro cardio gram draw graphs and doctor check this and can explain if there is a problem. Echo cardio gram is done by a specialist. Blood tests please ask what bold tests are down. For ladies there is a special blood test to check for any heart problem, please do ask if they are doing any special blood tests.

    Make a note of all your BP readings and also the medication dosage.

    Chemists do sell a basic BP check device, may be you can look for one to check at home when there are no problems. BP do go up when it is checked by a doctor!!

    Keep a record of food and drinks intake as well as BP readings.

  • Hi I have been to Drs and am on low dose bp meds. ECG is normal just waiting for full bloods to come back. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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