Worried mum - new to site - advice needed please

Would appreciate anyone who can suggest what may be affecting my daughter . She is 11 years old , and has been suffering foot pain , below big toe at base of foot , mainly , ongoing for 8 months , getting worse and more frequent . And now headaches , dizzy , nausea for over a month . Recently in hospital briefly for tonsilitus , possible quinsy . She is always tired , sleeps badly since birth , snores terribly and already had adenoids removed . Previously had chicken pox , shingles , ear infections - grommets . She has missed lots of school , has foot pain when rest and when tries be active. Awaiting neurologist appointment and rheumatologist appointment. Trying to work out what could be as going insane dealing with so many symptoms and hate seeing her so sad and in pain , and think the doctors think I / we are a hypercondriac !!

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  • Hi, please keep a food and drinks diary, note all the problems after each meal or a drink. To start with just drink water for few days and monitor reactions to food and keep a record.

    Doctors do not have time to look at problem, from my experience we have to check.

    Food and drink allergy react differently to different people, I will be 70 soon, I get ear problems after eating some fruits and nuts and it last for 24 hours. Not the same fruit or nut each time for me to stop eating that fruit and nut. I cannot eat Jaffa Cakes!!!

    just give it a try on daily notes.

  • Many thanks for taking the time to reply . It had crossed my mind could be due to intolerance or allergy also, so have just started a food diary . Unfortunately at the moment she feels sick all day so not really able pick out specific reactions , but had considered maybe trying dairy-free as does have a lot of spots at the mo, poss teenage spots, but read that dairy-free can help acne maybe ? Thanks again reply .