Exercising with Bad Knees

Hello there,

Just a question for anyone out there who knows;

How can I exercise and keep fit without putting strain on my knees?

I've had bad knees for quite a long time now, but have always managed to be active, go to the gym, swim and dance around, since last year though I haven't been able to be as active as before because it causes me awful knee pain. I've been through the Dr's and now have a date for key hole surgery.



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  • Hi Charlie sorry to hear you have been struggling. I've had bad knee pain since a teenager originally due to injury and now due to weight. Try googling arteritis o found some great advice on excercise there. Walking and swimming are the best. I avoid doing anything that bends my knee repeatedly such as stairs or excercise bikes. I also do excercise daily to strengthen muscles round about. Sit in an upright position feet on floor straighten leg out without locking knee now raise leg a few inches hold and lower then repeat. Good luck

  • Hi I have knee pain and the physio has put me on a bike and cross training program to strengthen around my knee and upper legs. They said it would reduce the pain , at the moment its working and of my painkillers so hope this helps

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