The moderately overweight should stop worrying

Moderately overweight people have lower rates of early death than those who are normal weight. Ignore the NHS out of date guidance and follow the latest data. JAMA. 2016;315(18). According to the latest research using real data the threat to people's survival from being obese was now almost negligible compared to 'normal' weight. Prof Borge Nordestgaard advised overweight people need not be quite as worried about their weight as before. The NHS Health Check has invested millions in testing healthy people for potential disease without evidence the Health Check works. The initial data and review indicated the predicted results were exaggerated to the reality. It defies common sense that people do not understand healthly lifestyles, The NHS Health Check provides no significant warning to most people. Everyone it picks up as high risk will know they are high risk from their own knowledge of their lifestyle, drinking, smoking, eating, and exercise habits plus family histories of illness. The motivation offered by NHS Health check which is completed within 20 minutes is useless and ill-informed. The majority of invitations are ignored.

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  • NHS health checks and various screening do help some people but not the majority!

    If a GP take time to do checks and explain what is happening this may work but in reality it is now with a nurse or HCA. These people and GP all need proper training!

    We all have to be careful in food and drinks intake, regular exercise can lead to a healthy life style.

    Why do we need an invite for health check? If every one take responsibility for their own body and look after it this should be OK?

  • Most people don't own BP monitors. Not that mass screening programmes like this are the only way to deal with this.

    I am not a fan of the NHS health check for all the reasons bala says and declined mine as it was to be with an HCA (and I do have a BP monitor)... but it is amusing that people are so excited about one study which says something different and is about death rates...most of us are interested in not having to have frequent medical appointments or take pills or experience extra disability or pain not just avoiding dying younger!

  • Than you for your response. In the paper today it says due to IT and software issues the NHS got some of the calculations incorrect and have given incorrect dosage of medication. I have always asked questions on NHS check for understanding and declined medication and went for life style change.

    now look at school children's tests! "Do they need the tests?"

    What about other countries in the table trying to get to the top.

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