A bit of gentle exercise


I run a community called StepJockey (it's here on HealthUnlocked healthunlocked.com/stepjock... We're trying to get people a bit more active - mainly at work - by encouraging people to climb the stairs. 

If you've got a bit of raised cardiovascular risk found on your NHS Health Check, you might find that climbing the stairs is a great way to start getting in some extra exercise. There are many health benefits from climbing stairs, including:

-Seven minutes stair climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years

-Climb stairs burns more calories than jogging because you're working against gravity

-Coming down stairs gives your bones a gentle jolt which can help ward off osteoporosis

I hope that gives you the impetus to get you climbing - it really is a great way to start to get fit - no need for Lycra or sweat!

You can read more about the health benefits here: stepjockey.com/health-benef...

Happy climbing!


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  • NHS health check, have been reading this has been a waste of money!!!

    Regular exercise and food and drink intake control can gives us all healthy life.

    We all need to watch out for free sugar and hidden sugar in food!

  • True - what you've read is probably based on a piece of research that NHS Health Check wasn't as cost-effective as doing some other public health initiatives - it could still save your life though!

    Check this out: nhs.uk/Conditions/nhs-healt...

  • Very interesting story. What are the normal signs for high blood pressure?

    NHS health checks were available for any one between 40 and 70!

    Did the system fail?

    I am happy this person got the necessary medical attention.

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