The beginning of the end

Since April 2013 local government has taken over the budget and control of implementing NHS Health Checks.  Devon County Council is now the first to cancel the programme (although they say it is merely suspended until further notice). Like many councils they realise the benefits originally listed by the programme are highly speculative and are not based on fact. The early results fall short of expectations. The NHS authors of the programme once again understated the truth that patients are not perfect and do not follow advice as they now the advice is only ever linked to health rather than wellbeing and enjoying life. For example statin take up remains far lower than expected simply because patients are happy to accept a slighter higher risk than suffer the side effects of statins for life. Will all councils now follow the example of Devon and save money on the screening of healthy individuals? How much will be saved and what has been the cost of the NHS Health check programme and what have been the benefits?

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  • You have raised good points here. Human body let people know there is a problem and it is up to individuals to look for heath checks. A lot of money is wasted on many NHS and public health programmes.

    Look at the cost of TV advertisement.? There was health MOT and then NHS health check and now APPS for mobile phones on online heck on computers.!

  • In today's copy of The Mail there is an article on the same subject!! How money has been wasted.

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