Aches, Pains and Stiffness

Hi, 18 year old girl here from England and I have some queries. I have been referred to a CFS clinic due to a potential diagnosis of the illness.

I have been having severe joint pain and muscle pain in the morning to mid afternoon in many joints- the main ones being both my feet, knees, elbows and hands. In the morning all my joints are so stiff that it is painful to get out of bed, especially in my feet- the heel area is very painful and difficult to move. However, it isn't just the morning, as the hand, wrist and finger stiffness has been making it very difficult for me to write at school- so now i have to use a laptop because the pain of clasping a pen is unbearable.

I have had several blood tests, all which the doctors have said were satisfactory, WBC were normal, Lupus negative, no signs of inflammation, RA was negative, ANA positive- the only thing was these blood tests were a year ago and this pain has only become more painful in the past 5 months.

Could this be linked to CFS or something else? Thank you

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  • Look on the +ve side, your blood tests are normal. Have you thought of checking on your food intake by keeping a food diary?

    To start with just have a drink for breakfast, for lunch boiled rice with salt and for the evening 2 scrambled eggs, write down the reaction.

    Day 2 and three same.

    Day for have toast for breakfast, write down the change.

    You may be able to control your problems with food intake.

    Are you working or studying?

  • yes, and yes, I was asked to keep a food diary last year, I have been tested for all intolerances too so am definitely not allergic to any foods. I am working and studying

  • Are you on contraception as this affected my joints for years reduced since changing. As my doctor never told me it could affect me like that. I found out looking on internet

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