hello I'm tina

hello I have a 7yr son who has hypermobility joints which dislocate, brusies easily, bleeds out , thin skin and bad teeth and learning difficulities and speech problems. He is under 3 genetics teams trying to find answers but while this is going on I don't know if he`il get worse or stay like he is I have no answers and kept getting told that Thomas should not be here but he is, and I am constantly told I should have same problem but I do not and no one in my family have or my exhusband or family.

But I know during my pregnancy there were a lot of problems and two months before I had my son I know my sons heart rate would drop I didn't know that till later when in delivery room , I also know my child was supposed to be born 12th September 230pm but was not born until 1203pm 13th because I heard someone saying why has she not had this baby due 230pm ,that's when I noticed serval women had been induced long time before me.

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  • Have a look on the hypermobility syndrome association website.You will see there are lots of people/children that have the same problems as your son. You may find the answer you are looking for.

  • Hi Tina, I'm 22 and have HMS in my spine/knees/wrists/fingers and ankles. Although your son's condition sounds more severe I wanted to re-assure you that he'll be ok!!

    I have a 6yr old God daughter who has HMS head to toe, as well as learning difficulties and it has taken years for her to receive the correct treatment. However now she is, the improvement is good! - I'm told by others I know who've experienced the condition that unfortunately for the sufferer (and parents) the condition worsens in pubity and early 20's.

    Rest assurd it is a genetically transmitted condition but has only in recent years been recognised and diagnosed so it's quite possible some family membersare suffering (maybe "achey back" or "clicking knees"?-the severity is a very big spectrum). You did nothing wrong in your pregnancy and couldn't have prevented the condition if you'd tried.

    The official website as mentioned previously has LOTS of information and the organisation is supportive!

    I hope you receive all the support and treatment etc you need 😁

    Charlotte x

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