Age limit for free health checks

My local authority informed residents in a news sheet that free health checks are available for people aged 40 - 74. When I enquired about why the health checks are not available to those aged 75+ I was told this is a national scheme with these age limits. I cannot understand why there is an upper age limit. What is the reason for this?

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  • This is some information I found from Knowsley older peoples voice website..

    "Those aged below 40 are likely to be much lower risk of having Stroke, Heart

    Disease, Diabetes, or Kidney Disease, and it is therefore not economically viable to routinely screen this group. Those aged 74 and above are much more likely to have

    already presented conditions linked to one or other of these 4 diseases, and to

    have commenced treatment to manage these conditions. They are therefore also

    not routinely screened, although those aged 74 and over may request an NHS

    Health Check through their GP practice."

    Just to add to that, its worth asking your local Pharmacy also as some do provide the health check service.

  • Hi Prudence

    People under the age of 40 aren’t included in the NHS Health Check programme because younger people have a lower risk of the health conditions that the NHS Health Check tests for.

    If you are 75 and over you can already ask for a check-up from your GP if you haven’t had one in the last year.

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