The question is why UK, GPs are failing to detect gout when looking at the foot in pain? I went to my GP after suffering with foot pain in India for 2 weeks. New GP looked at my foot and send me for X-ray with pain killing medication! In frustration and in pain, called the surgery and asked for gout medication, got a perception for gout medication three days ago and getting better. This is not the first time, repeat problem over the last five years. Last gout problem was two years ago, again when I was overseas.

Is there any medication to prevent gout?

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  • Bala, there are many conditions that can cause gout-like symptoms. Your GP is probably trying to rule out other conditions. Gout is not 'detected' but is suspected based on your symptons, history and examination. You often need other tests to confirm the diagnosis - for example fluid can be taken from the joint and checked for small crystals. It is often best to wait a few weeks after an attack.

    Why not try and help yourself Bala? You can change your lifestyle to reduce or even stop gout attacks. An unhealthy lifestyle means your kidneys don't filter out enough uric acid, or your body is producing unusually high levels of it. This can build up in the body and turn into microscopic crystals that cause Gout. Lose weight, obtain a health BMI, move more and exerise better, drink less alcohol, and eat better (less rich food) and you will not need to pester your GP to help you look after your own health.

    Why are you not choosing to live a healthier lifestyle?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your response. In fact I took a lifer style change 5 years ago, when my blood glucose and cholesterol were high. I go to the gym at lease 5 days a week. I have lost weight and maintaining the weight, go for blood test twice a year, eye check once a year. Few years ago going to London and walking in London and in office with tight shoes did give red left big toe, my GP gave antibiotics twice, and each time it got better. Two years ago about this time the very first time gout was mentioned and I go medication and got better. This time in India, walking bear foot, uneven temple floors, wet floors etc . After 4 days in India my problem developed, I put up with it for 10 days, difficulty in walking and sleeping.

    what I am trying to understand is "WHY?" am I getting gout when I am in India or in Singapore but not in UK?

    I will be happy to read more of your input on this.

    1. Red hot big toe, antibiotics clears it?

    2. Red hot mid foot, I end gout medication?

    3. How do I stop this?

  • My partner suffers from occasional gout. He is not overweight and we eat very healthily but does enjoy the occasional glass of wine. In his experience, it flares up when he has become dehydrated (when outside temperature is very hot) and when he eats certain foods together which are high in Purines (you can google which foods to avoid eating too much of). He has only ever been prescribed Naproxen which is a pain killer but also an anti-inflammatory and if he takes this at the first twinge (with plenty of water!) it doesn't become a full blown attack. I imagine the temperatures in India may have led to you becoming a little dehydrated which makes it difficult for the kidneys to get rid of those pesky salts that get stuck in the joints. Drink more water and avoid mushrooms, cauliflower and too much red meat etc.

  • Thank you. Now I understand why I get big toe pain in UK in the summer and when in Singapore and in India a month ago. during my flight and while I was drinking a lot of water and coconut water. Very first time I have a satisfactory answer, my GP has referred me to a foot specialist for further investigation.

    Thanks for your helpful reply.

  • Bala, I am impressed you are pushing forward and not just accepting there is nothing you could improve to help yourself.

    Most of the advice we are given is flawed and easily confused by the profit before people bias that industry uses to protect itself.

    My recommendation as a gout sufferer is to reduce attacks by adding certain proven anti-inflammatory supplements for your condition. A good diet and lifestyle will get even better results!

    My favourite for gout in particular is Bromelain (1000mg) or high dose that actively breaks down uric acid and meat proteins in your blood which is the catalyst for pain. It has no side effects therefore useful to almost everyone.

    The other useful blood/circulation/pain relievers in supplements or if you prefer natural form are garlic oil (allicin ideally or odourless for vanity) really helps thin thin the blood, ginger (daily 500-1000mg) or just eat a small amount of fresh peeled or grated ginger that has many health benefits and Omega Oils (3/6/9) best one is Dr Udo (see on web) but I use Superdrug one if short on cash. Omega oils can only be found by consumption/eating and called essential fatty acids because the human body breaks down without them.

    I have had one maybe two flair ups in the 10+ years since diagnosed and once was due to letting my Bromelain run out and not replaclng it straightaway so hate taking the GP medication if I can control it.

    Gout is excruciatingly painful and can affect all your joints if unchecked so spending less than £10 per month you can keep it at bay.

    If you like the results research the PH Miracle for more advice or Sick & Tired? by the same author Dr Robert O. Young.

    Good luck!


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