Hi, I am 16 years of age and have become more worried about my habits which I believe is called tics which I have just seen on your page, I am too nervous to ask doctors or my parents about it and how to prevent, I try to prevent physically and mentally but I cant help myself. I know that the only way is treatment but what other ways are there. Please help I am very worried and want to get rid of my tics.

I noticed when I had it when I was young for like a month and stopped it for a very long time like 6 or 7 years and it came back. It is very worrying and just makes me frustrated and upset having it.

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  • Please make an appointment to see a doctor and ask for professional help, you need this.

  • Tics are a medical condition, lots of people get them sometimes it can be just tired that can cause it. If you had a sore throat or pain in your arm/ leg you would see a doctor, right? So pop along and talk to them, you'll be surprised what they can do to help. Your parents may have noticed something wrong but don't want to ask in case they make you more worried. 16 is a stressful age with school exams as well as everyday life.

  • Anxiety can increase the likelihood of "nervous tics" and other problems like stammering etc. Learn some relaxation techniques - deep breathing, think of slowing yourself down, find some self-help books maybe. These things sometimes run in families. Have your eyes tested too - frowning and squinting can be a result of eye strain if you are doing a lot of revision for exams for example. Make sure you have enough sleep. (Now I sound like a nagging Mum don't I...... I've been there!)

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