I'm really scared about my health

I suffer from health anxiety and gave birth 3 months ago and had a traumatic experience but wont go into that. Since then I don't trust doctors I feel like they aren't telling me stuff. Well anyway since I gave birth I have had a water infection, anemia and now I have a respiratory tract infection which is from the bacteria moralexa catalarrighes do not know how to spell it lol I got my saliva tested cause I was hacking up different colour mucus well after 2 hours of waiting in the doctors she found something I could take as I am allergic to penicillin and the other antibiotics I cant take cause I'm breastfeeding so this is why it was difficult. I got prescribed ceraphlexin and got horrible side effects so I went back to the doctor where he told me to reduce to dose however cause I said I have palpitations and breathlessness he wants me to do all these tests to find any underlying problems so now I have an ECG and fasting blood tests next week and I'm so scared they will find something horrible wrong and I will leave my little girl without a mum. I'm literally constantly worrying and I do have anxiety but I'm waiting to get a therapy appointment for my trauma. I feel anxiety has a big part to play in this all and anemia but I felt the doctor was worried as he asked me if I had private health insurance and told me to get the tests done asap. Can anyone relate it give me some comments please cause I cant stop worrying.

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  • Hi, you have been through a traumatic time, I think all your anxieties are understandable especially as you have a little one to look after, it's natural you will worry, I had a traumatic time 2 yrs ago and my family nearly lost me so I truly understand. The Dr will just want to double check there is nothing wrong with you, it's best to let them do what they to. Try not to worry, at least you will know one way or another and then you will be able to deal with whatever the outcome. Sending a hug and wish you all the best. And remember being a new mummy is hard work and so emotional everything your feeling is normal and understandable. All the best


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