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In my quest to lose weight, and be my desired weight for the rest of my life, i have made a commitment to weigh myself every week at boots.

That way i can get my BMI and all that. It cost me £0.70 per week, but i am not looking at the money, at all. This is my health, and a great investment, and it is worth investing in indefinitely . I have wasted, and still wasting way more than 70p. I have decided to do it for the entire year £34 a year on myself, great investment, money can't buy. I am excited.

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  • Why pay weekly for your weight and BMI ? A simple set of bathroom scales - all types sold in UK shops meet statutory quality requirements - are around £10 for a basic set. Your height is not difficult to measure. The BMI calcuation is just your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metres squared (multiplied by itself).

    You do not need to give over money to a retailer each week. If you do not want to convert to metric then use the imperial measures (703 multiplied by Weight in pounds (lbs) divided by height in inches squared).

    Buying a set of scales is far better value. You can also weigh yourself at any time. There is now evidence to support the view that some people find daily or more regular weight taking is motivational and more succesful in loosing weight.

  • Or, don't bother weighing yourself at all ,relax, don't worry, enjoy life to the full. BMIs are misleading anyway. Just a mathematical averaged formula and more stuff to worry about. Be yourself and forget all about the body image nonsense!

  • Instead stepping on scales every week. Start walking then jogging and build it up to running. Have fresh fruits n veg and plenty of water. Good carbs and protien.

  • Money, Weight?

    Please do not worry, relax and enjoy life!

    According to new write up BMI calculation has it's own problems. Food intake counting is another one. Small portion of food is the way to start with.

    A simple waist to height ration is a better measurement, do not cost money, on variable the waist! Watch out for hidden sugar and free sugar in food and drinks. go for regular exercise.

    Do Google for height and waist ratio.

    If you put another 30p, £52.00 a year to charity can and will help some one.