Cervical Screening


I'm new here.

Is it true that colposcopy departments will not look at your cervical screening if you're not due for one, even if your GP has put forward a case for it to be seen?

My GP advised me of this a few weeks ago when he ran a smear test and said it'll most likely get binned! a very good medical professional I know has advised that this is total rubbish.

Does anyone know if this is true?


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  • I can only think your GP said this joking (not a very good one). Why would they waste yours and their time doing a test if they knew it wouldn't be checked? It would only get binned if the test wasn't taken properly but would equally tell the GP to retest.

  • Thanks. He's certainly wasnt joking. He said he had to put forward a case as to why it should be screened because I wasn't due for one, but have been experiencing some pains and wanted to cover all bases to make sure I was healthy. Trying to be vigilant and look after myself.

    GP's word were "they'll most likely throw it out and not test it, but I'll put forward a good case for you, considering you had abnormal screenings a couple of years ago".

    This was about 4 weeks ago now. I'm actually getting a bit worried.

    You'd think the NHS would congratulate young women who are looking after themselves and making sure they're healthy!

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