24-fasting and blood glucose test

I have read about and saw a TV programme on carrying out a bold glucose testing after 24-hour fasting and also standing in a working environment during working hours.

I did this exercise over the last four weeks, yes this does help.

1. Blood glucose level has come down.

2. Reduction in weight as well.

Just wanted to discuss this.

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  • How often are you fasting and for how long bala? You have to consider for the long-term and not slowing your metabolism for instance.

  • I am doing part time work, shift work therefore no snacking as no food is allowed during working time. When I am on a 3PM to 11PM shift, I have lunch at 2PM and only drink coffee till the shift end and then in the morning breakfast at 10AM after gym. Have lost weight and work is standing most of working time and this is helping me and I am feeling much healthier.

    The fasting time between meals is anything between 10 to 20 hours. Sadly this will end week before Christmas!!

  • Since you mentioned metabolism I have been reading about this on the Internet.

    A Brief Overview of Metabolism explained a lot.

    My question is fasting for long period bad for human body?

    I do miss meals some time for my Religious reason but I do make up for it after words!!!!

    I would appreciate if you could please explain why it is important not to miss food intake.


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