Food Allergy???

Few odd symptoms and really not sure so could use advice.

Was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago, no checks or tests just GP opinion so not even sure on this.

I frequently get a bloated stomach and a little less often I have stomach pains, loose stools to the point of liquid at times, have little warning on needing the toilet. This can often come on a day or two after something stressful but sometimes it is there without any stress in my life.

Last week I have been itching and its getting worse. I get this occasionally on hands and feet and always thought it was from taking the dog to the country park as often coincided. I have been taking dog out for last 5 weeks as hubby has broken ankle but itching has only just started. It is also on the inside of my thighs, upper arms and shoulder blades. It feels so bad that I have scratched until bleeding several times already. Allergy tablets do ease this but have been taking those for 3 days now and trying to resist the urge to scratch which is unbelievably difficult.

In addition to this I do get irregular bleeding which has been investigated before and they confirmed it wasn't cervical cancer and then I got pregnant so they stopped looking and despite asking I've had no follow ups and this year the bleeding has been longer and more frequent although nothing for the last month or so.

Could all these symptoms be related? could the itching be a food allergy?

Is there a way to make GP check me properly or get a referral for food allergy testing short of going back every few days as I have two toddlers one of which has sleep problems, autism? and anxiety a husband with anxiety and I do work as well. I simply don't have the time or energy to fight with a GP that doesn't want to listen and will give me anti depressants for any ailment.

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  • You need to keep a full diary on every thing that goes into your mouth!

    First start with nothing for breakfast, drink water and note down every thing that goes into your mouth and reactions.

    Next miss lunch, write down, the following day miss dinner, again write down.

    From this you can slowly eliminate some food intake and see the results.

    This works, worked for me.

    Google salicylate and learn more on how to avoid salicylate.

    None of HNS tests told me anything!, worked it out for myself and try and avoid the food that can give me problems. Simple think like Jaffa cakes!!!

  • Thanks, have tried before with food diaries but reactions can be weeks apart and then having to go back and think about what I've eaten or been in contact with which is obviously a nightmare but this reaction has been really severe with the rash so need to do something as had allergy tablets for a week and steroid cream for several days and while it is easing it is slight and even the cream only eases when applied and effect is brief. Will have to preserve on investigating myself, thanks for advice.

  • If it's fully checked out that you have IBS just stick to the fodmap diet, they would also take series of blood tests to check its nothing else going on.... I'm awaiting for results to find out what's causing me I'll, as it was like 3-4years ago the dr thought I had IBS but did the bloods and stool checks and not IBS after all.... Hoping it will be resolved soon.