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Just been diagnosed with PAD. My doctor referred me to the hospital and the wait is 12 weeks and then a further wait for treatment, guess what, I can go private and the cost is £220 for the initial consultation and a further 200 for the follow up after tests. I can go on a Monday or Wednesday (within 3 days) and the consultant I will see is the same one from the hospital, is there any wonder that NHS waiting lists are so long. It is in the interest of the moonlighting consultant to have long waits. Now I understand that under the 1948, yes that's 1948 agreement NHS doctors can do private work during the day or night as long as they make up their NHS contractual hours, however given that private hours can be as much as 24 hours per week and more how the hell do they make that up? Its about time that the NHS stopped allowing any member of staff to have private work that interferes with the public health system. Decide Their wealth or their patients Health, its not as if their pay is bad on the NHS. Doctor is not spelt G O D and given the choice most doctors would soon realise that they could not be better employed than on the NHS. there would not be a mass exodus, who knows this could even solve the weekend coverage of hospital doctors.

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  • NHS or private? if you can afford go private to get treatment.

    Did you get any details of your PAD?

    Can you wait for NHS appointment time?

    Over the years I have paid for private treatment to make sure I can enjoy a healthy life!