am I Pregnant?

this is probably gonna be a long post..

so basically I haven't had my period since august and I have gradually gained some pregnancy symptoms,

as in nausea and weird cravings and smells, I'm super tired and I have this metallic taste in my mouth,

also I have taken 5 pregnancy tests and 3 came up positive, but im still not sure as only 3 out of 5 were positive... if I am pregnant this is my first... Can anyone help me on this??

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  • The only way for you to know for definate is to go to your local health clinic and get tested ,they will give you information that we cannot.

    But, let me ask you something . Why on earth did you put yourself in such a postition? You have your whole life ahead of you ,if you are pregnant you are going to miss out on a hell of a lot of life that you will never see again in your lifetime.

  • Mums are always the best person to talk to but if this is too hard for you go and see your GP or a teacher at school who you can talk too.

    The sooner you know for sure the better position you will be in to get the help and advice you need.

  • You need parental support, talk to your parents. If this is not possible please see a GP for a check up to make sure you are positive and get all the medical help you need.

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