Discrimination within the NHS

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I am currently studying my Access to Nursing studies and for an assignment I must gain some primary research. I am doing an assignment on the Anti Discriminatory Practice and how this relates to provision of healthcare in the NHS. Please, if you have a minute any information would be very much appreciated. I am going to throw a few questions into the air and any that may catch your eye I would really appreciate some feedback.

Have you experienced any discrimination whilst using the NHS services? Was this direct or indirect?

Or have you witnessed any?

Have you ever been refused a certain treatment because of a protected characteristic?

Have you always been treated with respect, dignity and compassion?

Thankyou very much!


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  • Indirect discrimination exists by limiting drugs for cancer for example; the elderly are more likely to suffer this of course.

    I've known people discriminate against their treating health professional because they are unable to understand them for instance.

    People are frequently not treated with respect for their lifestyle issues, because they smoke, have weight issues, or are poor, but then these aren't 'protected characteristics'.

    Good luck.

  • Well, very good question. I am afraid I am unable to answer your question because this may offend people!

    Discrimination, this is a difficult subject. today a mobile phone have a camera where one can record to provide evidence!

    Answer to first two questions "YES".

    A friend was in hospital after a stroke and a brain operation, lengthy stay and it was difficult, now at home, left side paralysed, getting NHS to offer help, very difficult:

    Comments for these two:

    Have you ever been refused a certain treatment because of a protected characteristic?

    Have you always been treated with respect, dignity and compassion?

  • I doubt if discrimination occurs in the NHS as it does throughout European health sytems.so I cannot really answer you that one .

    But having in the last few days had to encounter the Bulgarian health system all I can say is we are damned lucky and so are all the European patients who use our health system.

    So far ,I thought my wife was having a stroke so got her to emergency hospital pdq,on arriving the doctor said it was and emergency but not an urgent emergency???

    I was given and appointment for a few hours later with a neurologist,who said "I can`t make a diagnosis without a brain scan". I have to pay for that ,but only after that does the EHIC card come into play.

    I won`t say anymore ,as I`m still worried sick about my wife and the huge bill coming my way.

    You have me thinking I just may give out a warning on the EHIC card and it`s use to stop anyone getting caught as I have.

  • Hi, yes I have been refused treatment here & in Oxford & in Liverpool, having been referred by Consultant's & GP's. This is for the only treatment left for me for my24/7 Chronic Pain. I have been trying to get Meds & Treatments from when it all started in 2005 (10yrs)


  • Yes I did.

    One receptionist in a Gp shouted at me and my husband when I was suffering from anemia 3 years ago. We can not give any personal information here.As the confidentiality and Ethical issues.

    I am a nursing student and I did access to nursing course as well.Hope it helps.

  • Discrimination comes under many heading, would you like to list them.

    GP practice staff, medical and administration including call entre staff.

    Hospital, doctor, consultant, nurses, etc.

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