Eye allergy

Hi! I'd really love if someone can help me in any way at all. I'm about to register with a GP to have a doctor's advice but in the meanwhile I will appreciate someone else's.

I've had this weird allergy under my eyes for over three months now. I expected it to go away with time on its own but it doesn't. I have big red patches in the morning which i hide with my make up but then my make up makes it all worse by making my skin peeling.. I don't know what it is and how to make it go away... sometimes when I wake up my eyes are a little watery and this makes it burn so I'm in a lot of pain...i absolutely hate it because i cant hide it and it makes me look ugly... if anyone has any idea of what it might be and how to help it go away, I'd be very very thankful!

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  • My husband had something similar and antihistamine eye drops did the trick. With an eye though it is always better to see doctor.