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I was diagnosed with angina in 2013 and has slowly got worse until January this year was told it was now unstable angina and have been in and out of hospital since with chest pain but all tests ok ,now I was in hospital again yesterday 1/9/15 only to be told its not unstable and shouldn't bother going in unless the pain feels more like a heart attack pain,which he then went on to describe what a heart attack would feel like,i have an appointment with a cardiologist in October so hoping will get the right answers then.

Any of you guys been miss-diagnosed with and about angina?.


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  • Your cardiologist is best placed to answer your questions as they will have all the relevant information in front of them to form a full picture. I started angina in December 2014 with severe chest pains on exercise, especially in cold weather. From my experience, my cardiologist wanted to know all the symptoms I was feeling before he ran investigative tests ... and there were numerous other symptoms which he connected to my angina. This lead him to eventually run an angiogram test to look at the arteries to my heart and, from my symptoms, he wasn't surprised to find narrowing of these arteries. In my experience, all the NHS Cardiologists I have met really know what they are doing and I trust them to do the right thing.

  • I have unstable angina. Had load of tests, which were all ok. But then went to have an angiogram. This showed i had a blockage in one of my arteries and severe narrowing in the others. I then underwent stenting, but this could not be done and then went on to have a quadruple heart bypass (CABG). I am now fine, but will need another one in years to come. My health is much better now. I was always told that you must call an ambulance if the gtn spray did not work after 10-15 minutes. I would recommend that you ask for an angiogram, which will give you answers that you need, Good Look :-)

  • Thank you for giving your experience, what needs to be discussed with a cardiologist.