unstable angina

Just found this site and having read some of the comments ref angina looks like I'm in the right place,now here's my problem that maybe you guys can help me with,I've been diagnosed with unstable angina and get regular chest pain while sitting watching tv,sometimes my GTN spray doesn't touch it,now in this case I've been told to ring 999 which I have done several times and as per usual the paramedics come out do their thing but still take you to hospital anyway and they do their tests ,the blood being the important one it seems,only to be told your heart is fine,now my problem is I don't want to be seem like I'm wasting peoples time so how far do I leave it before I call anyone?,does anyone else get like this???

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  • Your specialist should guide you for your own medical situation, but here is what I was told. I had unstable angina until I had stents fitted to my heart arteries in January this year. Before my operation, I spoke to a paramedic about when to call 999. They were VERY clear with me that if they were called out 100 times and 99 times the incident came to nothing they would be happy. They really didn't want to miss the 1 in 100 when they could have saved someones life. They told me to use my GTN spray when I had pain and if the pain had not gone within 10 minutes use the GTN spray a second time. If the pain was still there 10 minutes after this second GTN spray then call 999. Have you seen a cardiologist about treatment for your angina ?

  • Not lately,I had an angiogram back in 2013 but told only 30/40% blocked so he said blood flow ok,but since then it has got a lot worse and was diagnosed with unstable angina apparently,but yet to hear from consultant,I might just as well book an ambulance 🚑 for a certain time every other day,lol.no being serious and thank you for your reply Its getting me down,I'm 63 and crying on the wife's shoulders in discomfort an pain but nobody is doing anything,best I can get is a syringe full of morphine,but I take on board what you say about the one time I leave it could be the last one.glad to know your good ,does that mean you don't have angina now.??.

  • I'm only 54 and I had a 95% blockage in one of my arteries. I understand the NHS usually do not fit stents until the arteries are 75% blocked which may be effecting you. I have aggressively avoided the risk factors all my life but heart problems run in the family, very very disappointing. I got angina when walking and especially in cold weather. Stress and worry also bought on some tightening of my chest. Since the stents were fitted 8 months ago I've had no pain at all or discomfort and can do a lot more than I used to. I walk miles these days. I do take medication - High dose Statins, Aspirin and an blood anti-coagulant Ticagrelor and I follow some of the food suggestions on this forum. My blood results have improved dramatically as has my quality of life. I put myself forward for a heart drugs trial, but was rejected for being too healthy. Do try to stay as positive as you can, and believe me, I know this is more difficult than people think.

  • Thank you,looks like I will plod on,I'm waiting for an appointment to see cardiologist but who knows how long I've got to wait,happy to hear your good now.😊.

  • I was treated for 3years for chest pain very similar to yourself and the hospital kept putting it down to panic attacks I was in hospital every other week and my medication was changed every other week until one day I went for a heart stress test and the nurse referred me to another hospital for a'n angiogram and this highlighted I was not suffering from panic attacks but I actually had blocked arteries they told me I had a strong heart and it was pumping well but the arteries were blocked so I went through a quadruple bypass in February this year but I felt if it was not for this nurse I would still be going back and forward being treated for something I did not have since the op I have felt a lot better and more confident within myself but as I say if your not happy and still concerned get a second opinion I might improve your life or even save it.regards and all the best pedro.

  • Many thanks your reply,I was back in hospital on Sunday with the same thing as usual and as per usual all tests negative for heart attack,I had an angiogram back in 2013 when they found some blocked arteries but didn't have stents,had a stress test last year it was ok not perfect but ok,but chest pains have got more frequent like daily but now rightly or wrongly I don't keep calling the ambulance,the pain has got to be a lot worse for me to ring anyone ,what I find is how different you get treated and diagnosis,I've come out of there being treated for,angina,unstable angina,acid reflux but haven't had panic attack as far as I know,had a drip of Amoxicillin last week which was different.,I'm getting different opinions everytime I go in,like you 3yrs is long enough wish someone would sort it out as it is getting me down,going to see a cardiologist in September or October but I'm on his list anyway.again thanks.


  • No problem just keep your chin up and do not be afraid to ask for a second opinion and do not be afraid of going to your own gp till you are happy even if this means visiting him every day remember we're only here once so we have to make the best of it and the way I look at it my health comes before anything else regards pedro

  • I have unstable angina. Had load of tests, which were all ok. But then went to have an angiogram. This showed i had a blockage in one of my arteries and severe narrowing in the others. I then underwent stenting, but this could not be done and then went on to have a quadruple heart bypass (CABG). I am now fine, but will need another one in years to come. My health is much better now. I was always told that you must call an ambulance if the gtn spray did not work after 10-15 minutes. I would recommend that you ask for an angiogram, which will give you answers that you need, Good Look :-)

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