Nope not a joke although I thought it was,shows how wrong you can be.

Here is the story.

Wen,t to Bulgaria on holiday had all the jabs ...or so I thought ,found out when there that especially due to having had a heart attack it would be advisable to have a jab for tick bits ,so I thought ok does the NHS do them ? yes for a price £60+.

Then I thought what about the Bulgarian price ,that was a lot cheaper ...Yahhoo thought the catch . I could get the medication with syringe from a local doctor ,but he would not inject it ........But was told to go to the local vet for him to inject it .

Be very thankfull for the NHS ,this opened my eyes to just how bad some of our EU healthcare schemes are.

BTW this is a true account.

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  • Now all becomes clear with regard to public service multi-skilling and sharing of resources :-D

  • yep,scary isn`t it.

    What I could not figure out is that I ran out of my medicine over there but could buy it in a local pharmacist over the counter for less than the cost of of a prescription here. Same stuff just different manufacturer (Bulgarian)