Frightened to sleep

Hi all I don't know what my problem is to do with but I've been experiencing this for a couple of weeks now it started with heart palpitations I've always had them on and off but they are a lot worse now I've had ECG but it was clear well at night when I'm trying to get to sleep I have palpitations then it's like one big beat then I feel like I'm going to lose consciousness and my head feel really strange like its full and tight and I get a high pitch in my left ear this stop me from sleeping as I'm too frightened it's going to end up with me actually dying! Have anyone else experienced this thank you all xx

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  • Hi

    No I haven't but it does sound like a panic attack which will make you experience palpitations and also tinnitis (the high pitched noise). It is highly unlikely to be anything serious but why not see your GP to see what they say?


  • Thanks sue I've now got to have an all day ECG hopefully find out what it is yes I've googled symptoms and they all say anxiety but I'm not a stressful person I haven't got many worries either hope to get it sorted soon tho thanks for replying x

  • Googled all the symptoms !!!! Thats the worst thing you could have done ,there are so many quaks online professing to know everything and heal everything even to the point that the symptoms of the common cold can be diagnosed as TB.

    Just do yourself a good deal of good and don`t Google any health issues ,just see your GP .

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