high cholesterol

I found out several years ago that I had high blood pressure and was started on Atenolol, which I have been taking without any problems and is controlling my levels. I have a annual blood test and blood pressure check which last year showed that my cholesterol level rose from 6.4 to 7.6, nurse was concerned at the time as to the reason for this and spoke to the Dr who was not concerned.

I have recently had my annual blood test which reveals that my cholesterol level is slightly lower at 7.1.

The reason for this post is that I do not understand why my cholesterol is so high and obviously concerned as to what I can do to lower it.

I have always eaten relatively healthy, walk regularly from work, up quite a steep gradient.

Could this level be due to family history or my high blood pressure?

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  • What's important is to find your triglyceride to HDL ratio, since this gives gives an indication of the particle size of your LDL.

    What do you actually eat?