New calculator tells you your heart age

New calculator tells you your heart age

How healthy is your heart?

Use this new tool, developed by Public Health England, the British Heart Foundation and NHS Choices, to find out if your heart age is higher or lower than your actual age.

Come back and tell us what you think afterwards!

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  • How healthy is your heart? Heart age calculation? Very interesting! 1in 4 in getting a heart problem in the next 10 years and I am obese!

    Only time will tell, I am 68 now, will update as and when it happens. Are there any other tests available to look into the heart to check heart age?

  • NHS, BMI calculator says I am over weight!

    Which calculator is correct?

    NHS says my ideal weight for my height should be between 8 and 11 stones.

    On the top end loos 21 pounds at the bottom end loos 49 pounds.

    Very fist time I weighed my self in UK at a GP surgery my weight was 11 stones and this was very long time ago, have managed with overweight for nearly 45 years!

    My question what are the benefits in loosing my weight to 8 stones to keep with in the NHS BMI range?

    Will in be healthy and happy person?

  • The calculator asks for your cholesterol but I have only been given one figure & the calculator won't let you continue unless you put figures in the two boxes or mark the box that you haven't had your cholesterol checked. I know mine is very naughty at the moment and I should imagine that the ratio is the figure given by doctors. Being new at having high cholesterol makes it difficult to have an accurate reading.

  • Say "no" to all those questions and see what results you get. The system may ask you to go for tests!

  • I only knew my cholesterol was 4.9 so couldn't enter it - might have made a difference; good idea though.

  • health check will use emla cream

  • I am pretty healthy and my heart age matches my real life age - I can expect to live to my mid 80's with little chance of heart attack ... it seems all that matters is your heart then - I am currently on oxygen with v.severe lung disease and until today thought my life would be shortened by this but Yipeee! apparantly not (this must be why lung checks are not included in the NHS ... only the heart matters!)

  • yes if no blood draw fear needle Michael pearson 17 dl78js

  • 54 same me

    my heart

  • Useful tool but found it irritating when I knew my cholestrol figure the GP gives me but not the second figure for it. Overall outcome age was of limited use but felt a bit negative because of the cholestrol figure (mine is not high overall).

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