Left ventricle failure

Hello, my dad's got left ventricular failure and seems typical symptom is coughing. He is coughing lots at night, what can help. Other symptoms, swollen hands and feet, tired , loss of weigh: Yet till now doctors have just been giving him inhalers, antibiotics. They should of spotted it soon. Could the damage of been lessened. MRI in 6 weeks. Any tips ideas.

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  • Hi there,

    Swollen hands and feet could be a sign of heart failure. My brother had swollen ankles 10 yrs ago and was told it was high blood pressure. However, his whole body swelled up and he could put his clothes on. My mum rushed him to the doctor and it turned out he had heart failure and he was rushed to intensive care. He had a pace maker fitted and takes warfarin to thin his blood. Why he had failure nobody knows, but it was thought he'd contracted a virus.

    I am not sure how to advise you but keep an eye on things and take him to a&e if his condition .

    Take care.

    TT xx.

  • If you dad can wait six weeks with his cough then you can take your time otherwise, please take your dad to A&E. How do you know there is left ventricle failure?, Did you GP gave you this information? Each person's cough is different. How is his general health?

  • Left ventricular failure is heart failure and the signs that your dad has are all classic symptoms. I presume he has only been recently diagnosed? The inhalers will be to help widen the bronchial to help him breath better, antibiotics to keep any infections away. I'm assuming these are only initial until they can get the scans organised and then see what the bigger picture tells and how the best way to treat it.

    My mum is 89 and has had heart failure for at least fifteen years, (as well as other problems) she is still able to get out and about. Her medication consists of aspirin, inhalers and tablets to keep blood pressure down.

    If your dad starts to feel worse then get him to the Gp/hospital straight away.

    Hope he starts to feel better soon x

  • You may wish to do a post in Heart UK cholesterol charity , many people here with heart problem and cholesterol problem can offer more answers.

  • I had an operation on my left ventricle or (AORTIC)at the time I had a mild heart attack, and after a while I can't remember how long they took me to hospital (the heart hospital in (London) where I had a NEW LEFT VENTRICLE, and now TEN YEARS ON I Am going strong with no problems so far. I hope this HELPS