I recently put a post and it was deleted?


female 32



blood pressure 95/60

pulse 77

workout 6 days a week

weight training hiit and cardio

5am workout for 45 minutes

breakfast coffee

one apple

lunch is another apple with peanut butter

dinner salad with whatever protein i have made

chest pressure

ears ringing

jaw feels uneasy

headaches at base of neck and tension


ekg stress test- normal

echo- normal

mri of brain-normal

c5-c7 compressed cervical spine

frustrated. scared i have a blockage but doctor says cholesterol is fine

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  • Hello,

    Hope you are feeling better today.

    Heart UK members can help therefore do please post in Heart UK.

    There are from you: Below is the one six days ago.

    Can someone help

    robinebc 6 days ago in NHS Health Check Community

    So yesterday i met with my dr. i did stress test in which i nearlt passed out at the end. But went 14 minutes. Blood pressure went up to 140/80 pulse got to 180. later he told

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