Can someone help

So yesterday i met with my dr. i did stress test in which i nearlt passed out at the end. But went 14 minutes. Blood pressure went up to 140/80 pulse got to 180.

later he told me i was fine and results were all normal. I am still having this weird chest pressure like low were ypur brea aut bone is and in the middle eapecially when pressing there. I am very Upset because im scared i could be walking aruond having heart attack or pass out in front of my kids. My cholesterol was perfect and so was ejection fracturE. Im scared. Everyonekeep saying anxiety and fear. After reading google it has frightend me

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  • goggle is not the best way to get medical attention or advice ,in fact it`s posssibly the worst thing you could have done . If you are still concerned get onto NHS direct and talk to someone who knows about your problem

  • Why not go back to see your GP and share your anxieties. Anxiety can cause massive physical symptoms so getting things out of proportion by reading online info will not help, great to have the info but not if it causes you to feel anxious.

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