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I've not yet had the NHS check, but I underwent a similar examination in the context of a research exercise conducted by King's College. I found the experience valuable and instructive, even if the lifestyle advice was familiar and expected (less alcohol, more fruit, more exercise). I do think that being confronted with the truth about, eg, your blood pressure and cholesterol levels serves to focus you on behaving a tad more sensibly.

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  • Hi Twice-retired

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I think that you are spot on! You cannot hide from the facts when they are put in front of you? And of course, we all know the risks of high blood pressure and cholesterol?

    Take care


  • Hi Twice-retired :)

    I agree with you and making the changes does help.

    I found it did anyway and also didn't have the health check but get checked regularly because of the illnesses I have, one of which is long term chronic anxiety disorder that has left me at high risk of heart attack or stroke plus heart issues run in the family. I don't deal with cholesterol properly so have to take statins for life and also have problems with storing iron and processing vitamin D all came from a series of similar health checks. They check my weight and height etc too.

    I find it essential now to know what my body is doing so that I can monitor and make any necessary changes the facts can't be ignored as they are the facts!

    Wishing you wellness Twice-retired and send you healing soft fluffie hugs

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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