Why are the NHS so reluctant to operate on my Morton's neuroma

I've been in pain for sixteen years,fobbed off by two hospitals,both said I had arthritis and had to live with it. I finally got an ultrasound after becoming assertive. and I was proved right. I have morton's on both feet. So having followed the rules all these years,why am I still being passed from pillar to post. I've been told I have to have injections when what I want is surgery. Why is the NHS so reluctant to say,yes we were wrong,lets do it. :(

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  • I was wondering if you have written any letters to your Consultants and / or Specialists asking them this very question?

    I have thought about your post for a couple of days, and the only 2 reasons I can come up with is that they believe it is not financially acceptable or their is a medical reluctance to undertake such a procedure?

    I really would recommend getting their reasons in writing so you can discuss the issue with your own GP?

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes I think I have to get to the bottom of this.

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  • Please ignore this as I had pasted my response to the incorrect question!!!

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