What lifestyle changes are you making after your NHS Health Check?

At your NHS Health Check you will have had your results explained to you and been given an action plan to improve them if necessary.

No matter how healthy we are, there's almost always some change we can make - whether it's cutting down on alcohol, getting our 150 minutes of exercise every week or checking food labels a bit more closely when shopping.

Find out more about improving your NHS Health Check results here:


For those of you still waiting to have one, you can start making healthy changes right away. We've pulled together a list of our favourite health apps and trackers to get you started:


Sharing your health goals with others can help motivate you, so keep us posted below, and good luck!

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  • I'm trying to drink alcohol on fewer nights of the week. Generally I'm aiming to not drink at all Sun-Thurs though don't hold me to it!

    I'm also trying to do more exercise during the week. I've started running for about 20 mins on one day midweek.

    Combination of the above two has given me more energy.

  • I am avoiding all the things that I am allergic too. I have noticed that this improves my asthma exponentially.

  • All,

    NHS food plate may needs changing, the information is very old!

    LCHF may be the best way in the life style change plan. NHS, GP practice needs to offer better food intake advice. NHS food specialist needs newer information!

  • Instead of asking us what changes we are making after our health checks, I'd have more respect for the NHS and this website if you would update the information you give out on the EATWELL PLATE. In telling us to eat so much carbohydrate and eat less fat, especially saturated fat, is doing us no favours.

    I'm old enough to remember when all the cholesterol nonsense took hold. My mother's generation knew that to lose weight you had to eat less bread and potatoes. Pasta in those days was what foreigners ate !! I also learned when I was at school in the 50's that ALL carbs turn to sugar in the blood. Has nobody on this website or in the NHS wondered why there is so much obesity and diabetes and never made the connection with the advice you give?

    I realise there is no one simple answer to obesity but none the less the Germans and the French eat more fat than we do and apparently have fewer heart attacks. Those countries weren't part of Ancel Keys equation of course because they didn't fit his graph. That man was a complete con.

    I just see red when I see boxes popping up on this website telling us about NICE's new rules for statins being recommended at a10% risk. It makes my blood pressure rise !!

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