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The secrets of pain: My Truth. Please can i park this here for a bit...


The secrets of pain: My Truth.

Everything echoes in the night as pain reverberates within me.

Muscles twitch and spark like lightening striking jumping beans in a shallow puddle.

Muscles crawl under the skin like foraging ants.

Spasms clench, grasp and tether me like a tangled knot of sinued threads of old weathered rope.

Head fizzes like a bath bomb dropped into a couldron of confusion.

Memory loss taunts me like cruel playground games.

Joints of over tightened threads unwilling to budge.

Numb legs that resemble a million nettle stings.

Hands that reach with uncoordinated purpose.

Depression imbeded in me like a burnt stain.

Searching aimlessly for the simplest of words through a vast open moorland of fog.

A ceased engine thats been stood in a disregarded graveyard of the mechanical dead.

Not meamt to sound pitiful, I just wanted to offer another insight into the secrets of pain!

Mandy xxx💚xxx

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Wow!! You have extremely impressive creative writing skills!! Felt like you were writing my "inner" voice screams.

Do you mind if I share this with others? Keep writing it can aid you & others.

Awwww thank you BeezyB.

I felt it was very amateur but at the end of the day its real to me so hey 🤷🏻‍♀️ Absolutely, of course you can share😊. I hope it helps others to express their stories.

Im awaiting yet another neuro appointment 🙄 I think i might take this with me....

Dx can be long journey 4 us! Mine was 4 years on initial issues of Ehler Danlos & Fibromyalgia. Then car accident caused whiplash & traumatic brain injury that wasn't recognized by my docs. Yet I kept telling them I had concussion. 2 years out & seeing Neuro who thinks I'm having brain seizures.

Still in Dx mode....

Be YOUR own best advocate is my best advice.

I resemble those remarks!

Its so difficult to express them sometimes isnt it 😔

I have a new muscle twitch/spasm/flicker.....i dont know how to describe it but the intensity is off the charts. Im trying hard to find the words to articulate what i feel.

May i ask, do you have a diagnosis of any neuro kind?

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