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Stabbing left side head pain!


Hi all

Right so this is weird.

Since yesterday afternoon just suddenly I have this striking pain that lasts about a second happening every 5-10 seconds, it feels like electric shocks/burning throb that actually makes me cringe when it strikes. I have felt the area and its not sore to the touch.

The pain was behind my ear so where the top tip of the ear is its in my head in that area but its now moved more to the top back part of my head (if that makes sense)

I saw a Dr this morning & after numerous questions etc. she diagnosed me with a form of Neuralgia

Im freaking out as thinking its a stroke or blood clot still!!

Has anyone ever had this pain - its so annoying!

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Hi what your experiencing is something called a ‘brain zap’ hope this helps x

Thanks - its totally terrifying


I've had epilepsy for 46 years and it sounds also like Neuralgia... I believe Tegretol is one of the anti-epileptic medications that can help. I have a friend who has it and she is on Tegretol to try and control the sharp pain. Do a Google search and find out more information on the subject. What meds did the doctor prescribe?

Kayanne1980 in reply to lgd333

Hi there

Thanks for the reply

Since my post the stabbing has subsided.

I was thinking just the other day when this all started I had a cold sore right up my nose, I have a feeling the virus caused the neuralgia as it can and does.

The Dr prescribed Amatryptyline but I have not taken it for weeks now

lgd333Ambassador in reply to Kayanne1980

Any reason for not taking the medication to alleviate the pain?

Kayanne1980 in reply to lgd333


No more jabbing pains so I dont really want to take medication if there is no pain

I’ve had this for years. When it first started, I had an MRI which was normal. I’ve discovered the flare up of these ice pick headaches or whatever they are come on in the spring and fall when my allergies are at their peak. They are very painful but don’t frighten me anymore so I just grin and bear it. I hate taking medication for anything! Hope yours were a one time occurrence!

Kayanne1980 in reply to NDStrong

Thank you - they are terrifying when they happen, I had to literally close my eyes when they striked for the few every seconds!

Hello! So sorry you’re dealing with this :( I also get stabbing headaches that last between 5-15 seconds. They have been diagnosed as primary stabbing or (ice pick) headaches. They can be really scary and quite disorienting. I find mine come alongside episodes of cluster headaches but it can also be related to the trigeminal nerve. Did this start out of the blue?? Probably not a bad idea to check in with your doc

aesthet in reply to aesthet

...just read this again, I’m glad you saw your doc! Hope you’re feeling better xx

Kayanne1980 in reply to aesthet

It literally started out of the blue for me - jabbing pains along my head on my left side was horrible - I did notice though that I had a seasonal cold and a coldsore in my nose!Wondering if the Herpes simplex virus can cause these pains!

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