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Peripheral nerve pain


There are many serious problems on this site. I have just a little suggestion for the possible alleviation of peripheral nerve pain in the legs: A good half-hour before I go to bed I put my cold-gel pillow insert (from Robert Dyas) in the freezer. It helps to settle the nerves while I read and then am able to drop off. A folded hand-towel might also be tried.

Doesn't work for cramp though - OW! - which can even wake me up, any tips?

Best wishes.

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Magnesium spray works wonders for cramp

Hobbledehoy in reply to Hidden

Thanks Scrumbler. I'll try it.

I used to have a nerve pain similar to siatica and I started to get acupuncture regularly and after 6 sessions it went away completely! I hope you get it resolved x

Hobbledehoy in reply to Kavib

Wow! I'm so glad for you! Drs say that mine is radiating from a degenerative spine, prescribe Pregabalin which helps, but it's been steadily increasing & may end with surgery. Had another MRI scan & see neurosurgeon at the end of the month. Thank you Kavid for replying x

some people need magnesium.. yep magnesium spray should do it or epsom salt baths but some need mag citrate or actually any mag (MgO still works al=even though it binds just need more). But some peope need some calcium and magnesium in a tablet together especially if they have been working oysically hard that day and resting at night,.some ned some potassium too (helps <g get into the muscles). One of these is almost guaranteed to work!..has for countless i have known over decades

Cheers! I am just on the point of starting magnesium again. Can you use the spray as well, do you know? That would allow effective sporadic application when cramp strikes...

🌈Best wishes - for Christmas 🌟 and the new year ahead 🍀

I haven't tried it myself for acute.. but as they say..the proof is in the pudding, so give it a go. I personally use a calc/mag tablet for acute pain..and it always works for evryone I know within 30 minutes fully at the most, but usually within minutes you notice it working. I take some occasonally yself but I also take magnesium and have some spray

Than you.

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