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Wondering if you're pregnant?

If you are keen (or not so keen) to conceive, you might be watching very careful...
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A fun opportunity for pregnant mums

Hi everyone, We've been contacted by BBC Radio 5, who are working on a six-mo...

Jabs during pregnancy

Winter is fast approaching and infections are on the up. A recent outbreak in wh...
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Meet other new parents in your area

We love watching the NCT community on HealthUnlocked continue to grow! It is lov...

Why raising children can make us better workers

Our Senior Policy Advisor here at NCT, Elizabeth Duff, has written a lovely blog...

How does a new baby affect your relationships?

Relationships often grow and change, and can do especially when you've had a bab...

Your pregnancy week by week

Hi everyone, With so many of you on this forum seemingly at various weeks of...

Emotions during pregnancy - what's common and how to cope

During pregnancy, the birth of your baby and the postnatal period, changes in th...

Exercise during Pregnancy - what can I do?

Exercise during pregnancy is important for your health and that of your baby. Bu...
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