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What do you guys think? (Names)

Can you help me and my partner out?

We know we are having a girl but we are stuck on a name we already have 2 girls in the family my daughter Keira-Emma and his daughter Kaitlin Marie... His surname is Nattrass

We know its going to be one of the following two names but cannot make our minds up which.

Let me know what you's think!

Either Lacey Ellen (Ellen in name of my mam and his sister)


Alisha (Not sure if Ellen as a middle name goes with Alisha???) what other names go?



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i like Alisha

we dont know what we are having yet but are decided on names either way and having family names as middle names

My mother in law told me when she was chosing her names (2 boys) you have to like the shortened version of it as someone at some point will shorten the name and including the middle names the initials dont spell something silly

x x x


I like Alisha Ellen, sounds nice.

I have got 2 boys and we didn't know what we were having and both times we didn't have boy names that we like. This time we have got boy & girl names so well prepared.

Are you glad you found out what sexs you are having?? I really want a girl but dont know if I should find out or not.


Aw its nice to be prepared, I am pleased I found out I was hoping for a boy this time as we have 2 girls between us but never the less its still just a exciting when you no.

If I waiting till baby was born to decide on names she would by weeks only before she was named. I'm terrible for preparing in advance so waiting till the baby is born would be torturous for me lol. Initially we weren't going to find out but I found it was just to hard to buy unisex (whites and creams) then I was thinking bedding, nursery and all that stuff so we decided for the sake of myself more than anything to find out. I have been shopping bought loads of pink and we are almost finished buying the necessary things and its more the toys and little things now.


I like Lacey, I had loads of girls names picked out but found out I was having a boy last week, so it's back to the drawing board for us, lol x


I like Lacey Ellen. I think it sounds very girly along with Keira and Kaitlin :)


Hi all thanks, It's so hard to pick names, it was easy with my first as we new from the beginning if it was a girl she would be keira emma (emma) after my sister.

This time round its harder would have been even hard still if we were having a boy as we cannot agree on a boys name we both like at all. We had other girls names in mind (5 in total) but we have illegitimate 3 and been left with these... Lacey to me is a very pretty girls name and love the sound of it will Ellen, gary on the other had likes Alisha more so still in a predicament.


I think Lacey Ellen sounds much more pretty and goes with the other two :)


Thanks guys we have decided 100% on Lacey Ellen. Xx


My sisters 1st name is Ellen. I tjink its such a pretty way to spell it and she was named after my Mom's Nan who passed just before Ellen was born. Lacey Ellen is a gorgeous name xx


Thank you, that's what everyone has said and its nice to be named after a member of both sides of the family. xx


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