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Confused about whether i am miscarrying or not, any thoughts?

I have had 2 miscarriages (2009 and 2012) and both were different,one was a missed miscarriage without any symptoms which resulted in an ERPC as it had been 5 weeks without any bleeding. The other was spontaneous at around 10 weeks and was very painful and ended up with hospital admission due to the sudden blood loss. Started with spotting and then turned suddenly heavy, passing huge clots and eventually passing out in A&E.

I found out I am pregnant last week and my dates put me at around 5 weeks. Yesterday I felt wetness on my legs and went to the bathroom to find a sudden gush of red blood, didnt feel it happen and had no accompanying pain. I went straight to the EPU and had a scan which confirmed my dates, small gestational sac and small yolk sac present but obviously no embryo as so early. By this point I had some mild cramping feelings, started as a tugging sensation then became more like a period ache. They tested my blood for HCG levels which seemed ok, and came back with a 78% chance of having a viable pregnancy but obviously they can't say whether the bleed signifies the start of a miscarriage, they couldnt say where the bleed was coming from and couldn't identify any pockets of blood in my uterus.

I've not had any bleeding since that one gush yesterday but have had ongoing dull pain in my lower abdomen. My pregnancy symptoms are mild but I don't really know any different, I had a baby in 2011 but cant remember how it felt being in the first trimester.

I suffer badly from anxiety and have had treatment for it but this has thrown a spanner in the works as I just can't face going through it again. I have a rescan booked in 2 weeks if nothing happens before but I just can't sit here waiting. Has anyone been in this situation and has anyone got experience of monitoring HCG levels to see if they are rising? I am tempted to ask for further blood tests but I know this isn't common practice so I am sure that they will decline.

Similarly, anyone got any positive stories about sudden gush of blood and cramping that doesn't spell the end??? If not then maybe just stay silent :)


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Hiya Gail0608, I had this happen to me 2 weeks ago at 12weeks pregnant. I was in bed on the Sat night and around 1.30am woke up as I thought I had wet myself. I went to the toilet and my PJ bottoms were drenched in blood and I had a wee and the toilet was full of red so I wiped myself and big clots were all over the tissue and then a little more clots started to come out so I wiped myself again and it was just dark red blood & clots. I panicked and I rang 111 to get some medical advice. They sent a paramedic round but they took me straight to A&E. The Gyane consultant came down (after 3.5hours) to give me an internal who said she thought my cervixs was open and I was having a MC but couldn't really see has so many clots (sorry for TMI). I got admitted onto a ward where I had an emergency scan.

The scan reveiled that the baby was still prancing about in there happy as Larry and the sonographer couldn't even see where the bleed was coming from but didn't even investigate it, just said to take it easy and I would be loosing brown old blood for next 7days which I still am.

I had my 12 week scan yesterday which reveiled I am 13wks 4days and they seen were the bleed is coming from but it is on the outside of the sac on the womb wall and she said as my cervixs was stretching one of the little blood vessles holding the sac has popped and that what has caused the bleed, she said that I might get another bleed from that area but I might not. I hope I dont as it put the fear of god into me and my husband and as like you can imagine very emotional time.

I would say that as you seen your baby on the scan yesterday and you are not losing blood now then I really would try not to worry. I dont even feel pregnant with no symptoms whatsoever so it feels serial when I see the baby on the scan that it is actually in there. I had a mc in Dec so just instantly think the worst. I have got 2 children already and this is my 3rd pregnancy and by far the worst in the first trimester.

I would hold out for your scan in 2 weeks and then you can see how the baby has developed and then hopefully put your mind at rest and the bleeding wont rear it's ugly head again. Any advice I can give I am happy to chat. Take Care :-)


Hi Gail.i'm sorry about your previous mc.i'm not a doctor but i can tell you what happened with me a few months ago and maybe that will reassure you little bit.i know how you must feel.i'm 23weeks now and been bleeding loads of times.firstly i had a laparoscopy done at 7weeks to exclude ectopic pregnancy cos i had some pains on my right side.i've lost first gush of red blood at 10weeks.i had to go hospital and they put me in antibiotics as my white cells level was high.they couldnt tell other reason for blood you i had no pain then and it was one of.then 2weeks later another episode like this happened but it was brown blood which means is old.and again i got no answers why.then after this i had few more bleedings but more like a discharge(even last friday).i had loads of tests done (bloods,swabs,cervix checked,smear test even).everything is ok,baby is ok and very active.i know everyone says i need to be strong,calm etc .,but i became very anxious.every time i go to the toilet i'm scared to look down as i never had any pains.i'm at the doctors at least once a week but i know many women bleed through their pregnancys.i hope you & your little one will be ok.just dont do any lifting,housework,excercising,plenty of rest.i've been off work for 4months now as i'm not taking any risk.i wish you all the best hun xx soon you'll be able to hear hb and that will be so lovely.if you have any worries dont wait,go to see your doc or midwife xxxxxxx


Thanks both of you. You have had really positive stories which is great, I am really pleased for you both. I do know that bleeding can be common in healthy pregnancies and needn't spell the end but I guess my worries are relating to the pain that I have been feeling as well. I already have a toddler who keeps me really busy so I do struggle to rest but I have been working from home this week so at least I can sit down.

As I am only 5 weeks there was no baby to see, just the yolk sac which was consistant with my dates but I am obviously keeping my fingers crossed that it grows and that my scan in 2 weeks shows an embryo and that I don't get bleeding in the interim. My pain is still dull and in my abdomen but I have also started to get an achy back, not like a period cramp, more like muscular pains, like I have been bent over for a long time. Who knows what it is, It is just nice to feel that people are out there and I am not alone as I am the only person I know personally who has any experience of miscarriage. Sometimes you can feel like the only one having troubles when everyone around you is popping out children left, right and centre!

Good luck to you both, I am so pleased that your stories are happy ones.


I had back ache and period type cramps in early stages this time. You are not alone with what you are experiencing but some people dont talk about it. I had an early scan with my first baby at 6 weeks due to bleeding and we seen the heart beat, he was as small as a baked bean but we were massivly reasurred. You will defo be able to see something at 7 weeks. Good luck;-)


Hi everyone

So turns out that I have a retroplacental haematoma. I was scanned at 7 weeks where it showed up as a small clot, at 8 weeks I had pain so had another scan but baby fine and clot had shrunk a bit. I had a scan yesterday (now 10 weeks) and baby is fine but clot has doubled in size :-( to be honest I don't really understand the risks but I am terrified of losing the baby later on. I stupidly googled and read all sorts of horror stories. I've not had any bleeding since that one episode at 5 weeks but I feel like its a ticking time bomb.

I'm trying to take it easy but I have a 2 year old and so I have to do stuff with her and lift her and I've not been at my company long and I'm only part time so I don't feel like I can take much time off. I suffer with bad anxiety anyway (for which I have had therapy) and its got so bad recently that I even considered having a termination to take away the risk of having a late miscarriage! I shocked myself that I feel that way as I so badly want this baby but I don't understand what is happening and whether it will just keep growing and if I could end up having a stillbirth or something.

I have had lots of pain since the scan, it was quite uncomfortable and now I'm worried something is going wrong. I can't deal with the worry!!!

Not sure my purpose of posting really, just feel so unlucky at the moment and would appreciate support and any wise words.


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