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Iam confused with GP, please help!

I have a daughter 7 years old, when I was 1 st pregnancy, I had diabetic. Recently I checked my blood I found I have diabetic and taking metrofomine,

I was trying my second one from last Dec, but 3 months had miscarriage, I met GP she said because of diabetics I can't be pregnant, I was so upset even I am annoyed with her,she wasn't kind to me, has anyone got experience ??

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I had type 2 diabetes before I got pregnant and I miscarried at seven weeks. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and I have gestational diabetes and take 3x metformin a day and insulin of a night.

You can get pregnant,you just have to manage your sugar levels, high sugar levels can cause miscarriage.

I think you would be best speaking to a diabetic specialist who will help with your treatment.

I also have Pcos so it was even more reasons not to fall pregnant, don't give up hope, you will get pregnant :)


Thank you skyblue. Iam having a high blood suger, so taking 3 tablets a day, I always keep trying to be pregnant I wish I could be,


See if you can be referred to the diabetes specialist nurse at your local hospital. They should have a pre-pregnancy clinic to help women with diabetes conceive. It is all about your blood sugar levels, ideally under 7-8mmols. The tighter your blood sugar control the better for your pregnancy.

How high are your blood sugar levels??

You may need to be on insulin to give you better control when pregnant


Thank you for your response, I have no idea about the level, according to new calculation doctor said 70 , but they never asked me to meet anyone help for me, what I should do? Even it Is difficult to make an appointment with GP in my medical center, the only thing she said next month Iam having a another blood test that is it,


Oh sorry they have recently converted the blood sugar values. 48-58 is the norm so you are a bit high. it might be worth calling your GP surgery to see if any of the GP's in your surgery specialise in Diabetes or if there is a diabetes nurse attached to your surgery, an appt with them may be more helpful and then all you can do is ask if your local hospital has a diabetes pre-pregnancy clinic and see if you would be eligible. Your docotr may need more info before they refer you on

Also the diabetes UK website may have more information for you.

good luck and i hope it all goes well for you x


Hi, thank you for reply, I don't think that my gp will help me for my situation. All she said to get the medicine and find for another test it will be after next 3 weeks. Can I go to my hospital rather than going to gp again, even our surgery receptionists are not helpful to get the appointment regarding my situation, iam stressed,


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