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Am I being selfish?

Well here goes...

My hubby works long hours in his new role, he sees the children in the mornings only and they are in bed well before he gets home.. My time with him is a Friday we get to spend the whole day as a family doing various things from the beach to bikes trips etc everything revolves around my two children. On a Saturday my time is split between the children's extra curricular activities and my hubby's gym routine. Kids back at school on a Sunday. I even do my shopping on a Thursday as so I'm not interrupting Friday plans.

Now the problem is my daughter has had a few party invites on a Friday some at ridiculous times for a 4 year old i.e. 7-9pm and in the worst of places Burger King! ... I have been turning them down left right and centre because a Friday is our day and I'm starting to feel selfish. I have done one party with my sons class mate but that was at a stimulating child play centre at 4-6 on a Saturday so it didn't interrupt any plans.

What happened to having a party after school finishes on a week day. Well rant over I'd like your opinions on this and my selfishness . Not at all pregnancy related but possibly hormonal related and will be part of my pregnancy blog for future reference


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Ok ready for honesty! In my opinion yes you are being a bit selfish, I personally wouldn't want her to be excluded from her friends parties, I think it's important (no matter how crap Burger King is) that she should do activities with her friends on her own, I remember at school it was horrible if you missed someone's party coz they would stand around chatting about it, and I would feel the odd one out! But I do agree that 7-9 pm for a four year old is a very late time! And when I had my parties thy were never late! Maybe at four years old it doesn't matter about missing out, but it will as she approaches an older age maybe six or seven.



Thank you for honesty. We have play dates in the week with other children of similar ages so socially not missing out I'd like to hope. I tend to always look at my life growing up and make it better for my children. My parents al though still together didn't have family days at all and its something now they are making up for I feel. So I'm here in this dilemma of selfishness wanting to make everyone happy. Frustrating but convenient to ask now to look forward. :-)


I think probably you can all shift to burger king or near around for an evening. And it also depends if the party is from a close friend or someone your daughter just knows !


Cant beleive how late that party is. As not all parties would be that late I would let my 4 year go as a one off as your not really gonna be going on a bike ride at 7-9pm are you??? Your daughter must be very popular little girl. Parties have seem to calmed down at my sons school thank goodness as sometimes your Saturdays are just over run by taxiing them around to parties.


Not only was it late but they had school the next day that was defiantly a no go. I think if the party's are in late after noon then I should let her go. And stop being selfish like you say it's not every week they have them, thanks ladies for making me see through the wood for the trees, if that's the saying lol. :-)


I would value a family day over any other socialising forms. I imagine your kids are very excited about spending time with their dad.

I fully understand why you would feel precious about this time together with your family.


They love time with daddy and when I weigh it up I'm not sure she's even fussed about going to a class party, she doesnt have a best friend yet and would rather spend time with us as a family I'm sure she will remember these day outs together rather than a party of someone she dosnt remember in time to come. Thank you for your reply olka


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